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In this article I am going to discuss Domestic Cleaning Services in great detail in order that you have a better understanding of this business and be able to easily determine if a domestic house cleaner might be suitable for you.

Generally it’s not a difficult choice but you may want a better understanding of what they specifically do, so I’ll do my best to provide you with as much detail as possible to give you that better understanding. So without any further delay let’s get stuck in.

Towns In Which We Currently Clean Homes?

You will currently find our cleaners in High Wycombe, Amersham, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Holmer Green, Princes Risborough, Seer Green and many more. If you’re in Buckinghamshire we want to clean your home!

What Is A Domestic House Cleaner?

I’m glad you asked that question!

The definition of a domestic cleaner (sometimes correctly or incorrectly referred to as a domestic helper) is a person or persons that are paid for cleaning services or other similar tasks in a person’s home.

So you may need weekly assistance with the ironing, a task that you may not like or can spend your time doing something rather more proactive for you. Or maybe you find cleaning in general quite difficult or too much of a chore.

The service a cleaner performs may vary from one company to another, especially when a company specialises in certain areas. For example carpet cleaning is quite specialised and requires specialist equipment and skills of a cleaner.

However routine cleaning duties would generally include the likes of dusting, vacuuming, ironing, surface cleaning and polishing, mopping floors, making beds, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning.

I think you would agree that the list covers most of the basic jobs you would expect.

What Specific Tests Must Domestic Cleaner Pass?

I don’t think that you’ll be surprised to hear that there aren’t any official cleaning exams for a KW, a colleague degree is definitely not required but that’s not to say that anyone can do this job either.

Finding a dedicated and/or regular cleaner can be tricky. Who do you trust? How can you guarantee the work will be done to a good standard when you’re not at home?

These are legitimate questions that most people have when they begin they’re search and it’s an area where you can rely on us, our High Wycombe Domestic Cleaners carry out all the training and do all the relevant checks on your behalf. All our home cleaners are put through their paces before coming out to your home as well as vetted and trained to our quality standards.

Situations When You Might You Want To Hire A Cleaner

1. Because you don’t have the time to do it yourself and can afford the luxury of someone else doing it for you. We know how busy some people are, heck we’re run off our feet so hiring someone else to do your cleaning is one way of getting some of your time back.

2. You’re selling you house or moving. We all know how hectic the days can be in the run up to either selling your home or moving house. If you are trying to sell your home then you want to make a good impression, hiring a cleaner can really help here. Not only do they make your rooms presentable but they free up more time for you too.

Likewise if you are moving into a new house, have a cleaner come round the very next day to give the house a once over before you start unpacking.

3. End of tenancy agreements. If you’re the tenant you want you’re deposit back right? Then a hire a cleaner to do the graft for you and while you get your last items packed. Likewise if you’re a landlord and someone has left you in a sticky situation then hire a cleaner for the day in order to get the home ready for your next tenants.

4. One off clean. Whether you’ve got your family coming over for the weekend or just feel that your home needs some extra attention then hiring someone to do it for you is a great way of getting it done, quickly. Maybe you’re having a party? Maybe a holiday is coming up and friends are coming round? Or just maybe you need a little one off help?

5. Regular cleaners, this ties into the first point, perhaps you don’t want the hassle of cleaning. In that case let someone else do it for you. A regular schedule can easily be agreed and should you think that the cleaner does a good job (and I think you will) then you can request to have the same cleaner for each regular visit. Frequent, regular cleaners can more easily keep on top of the job too which makes it easy for them and your home not only looks but is cleaner all the time.

What Happens After I Have Hired A Cleaner?

On the day of the job our cleaners will come round and clean for you. We will always send at least 2 members of staff and maybe more if you have a big home. The job will be done to our highest standards and you will be invoiced for the work.

Have A Job In Mind For One Of Our Cleaners?

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